Bailey's Nails and Toes Mobile Salon

Residence Business Hotel

~Detailed Service Menu~

Natural Nail Manicure $30

Nails so natural that polish is optional. We begin with the softening or the cuticles using CND's serum followed by cuticle cleanup, AHA treatment to reduce build up of overgrown cuticle tissue, jojoba and almond oil replenish, nail trimming, shaping and an ultra hydrating scentsational massage followed by your choice of enamel.

Signature Spa Pedicure $50

Your feet deserve to be nourished and revitalized. This pampering pedicure begins with a hydrating aroma therapeutic foot bath containing tea tree oil, fragrant eucalyptus oil and Vitamin E. This exfoliation process smooths the dry spots and prepares your skin for the callus treatment that follows. A tingling, aromatic foot masque enhanced with hydrating sea extracts, conditioning mineral clay and soothing botanicals hydrate, soften and relax the feet. The finish to this ultra hydrating treatment is Cucumber Heel Therapy, an intensive moisturizing cream that helps to repair dry, cracked skin.

 Chocolate Spa Pedicure


Enjoy the sensual pleasure of chocolate without the guilt! In addition to being a sensory indulgence, chocolate has over 300 compounds that act as an antioxidant to reduce the free radical damage of aging as well as calm the skin. Enjoy a chocolate mineral bath that soften calluses and strengthen the natural nail. A light and soft white chocolate sugar exfoliation with Shea butter is applied and massaged into the entire foot leaving your skin baby soft. A self heating dark chocolate foot masque penetrates the outer layer of tough skin stimulating circulation and sloughing off dead skin cells. The treatment and your tension are finished off with a chocolate butter cream massage with Shea butter, grape seed oil, Vitamins A, C and D that melt the last of the everyday stress away. 

 Champagne Grape Peel Pedicure


A toast to soft, gorgeous feet you can’t wait to show off! This is by far the most hydrating pedicure using ingredients derived from grapes blended with champagne oils designed to deeply hydrate and exfoliate even the toughest calluses. Intoxicatingly soft skin begins with a champagne fizz ball, followed by a champagne and rose exfoliation that improves skin tone, fades age spots and aides in pain relief. This treatment is topped off with a tantalizing champagne wrap containing live enzymes that literally dissolves rough skin from the surface leaving a radiant glow.

~In between pedicures feet should be hydrated daily and toe nails trimmed every 3 to 4 weeks. A nail brush should also be used to keep underneath the nail clean. The use of a foot file once a week is highly recommended.

*Plan on not wearing closed toe shoes for the rest of the day.

Pants and shorts are more comfortable than skirts during pedicure services.

**All pedicures are performed using disposable liners**

Please give a minimum of 24 hours notice to change or cancel appointments to avoid being charged full price for services scheduled.