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Excellent alternative to polish during cold winter months,

no drying wait time.

Five years in the making, the no-chip polish gel fusion has generated so much publicity that if you have not tried Shellac for yourself, you are in the right place. Shellac can be applied to hands and to the feet. Imagine leaving the salon totally polished and DRY. Free to move about freely with no worrying about smudging and drying time.

The process is about 60 minutes, more time should be allowed for toes. You will be able to put your hands in your purse and shoes on immediately after application. You get a fresh new set every appointment and the soak off time is 15 minutes or less. All you as the client need to do is use the ever so popular and wonderful Solar Oil, also created by CND. It contains natural oils including Jojoba that actually penetrate through your application, whether it be Shellac or Acrylics, to keep your natural nail hydrated. It is also excellent for use on the toes.


Try Shellac nails for only $50! And add an additional $7 if you would like to have a French finish.


Shellac pedicures are about 1 hour long and include the basics (nail shaping, filing and light callus treatment for only $60. Shellac pedicures can last four weeks and up to six! Imagine having pretty and polished toes that are dry when you leave and will not chip. Pretty feet for 4 weeks that always maintain a beautiful shine. And with the regular use of Solar Oil you can extend your wear for a week or two more. French is also additional.

Shellac is not a nail strengthener and should be applied to healthy nails that are free of peeling and or brittleness.

Although Shellac is not as much of a commitment as Acrylics, it does require

an appointment to be rescheduled every two weeks. Peeling Shellac away from the natural does cause damage to the nail plate.

**Artificial enhancements do not "RUIN" your

nails, over filing, neglect, picking, pulling and using your nails as a tool can be to blame for damage to the natural nail plate. Daily proper care is necessary, to maintain a healthy natural nail and to allow proper application of an artificial enhancement.

Once you Shellac you never go back!

Additional time is needed for French so please

inform me of those requests during the time that you are booking.

**Please note that you should have a free edge of 1/8".

For appointments Please call

Renata @


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